10 November 2017
ALDAVILLA ACRES:  Modern home, 3+BR,  $450,000
RIVERFRONT: land with both flood-free & river flats $600,000
CATTLE FARM: 30-100Ac, 3+BR modern home, shed/stockyards a bonus $600,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 3+BR/2 BATH, walk to town $500,000
A COUPLE OF ACRES: 4BR, 2BATH, 2CAR modern/new build $600,000
DUAL LIVING: Multiple buyers seeking two houses on large blocks/acres, 15mins to town $500,000
RURAL LAND: 30-100Ac, shed/stockyards preferred $300,000
WALK TO WEST KEMPSEY: 3 buyers all want to walk to the shops $300,000

3 November 2017
URGENT: single lady under 4wks to buy resi home under $230,000
RURAL: 3+BR, cleared acres for growing, 20mins to town $450,000
ALDAVILLA/YARRAVEL: 4BED, 2 BATH small acreage $500,000
HORSES: Rural 3+BR, 25mins to town, no steep hills  $470,000
40 BREEDERS: rural block, dwelling entitlement $350,000.
CRESCENT HEAD ACRES: nice private home, 10-100Ac $600,000
CHARACTER HOME: 3+BR, big private block + shed & views $400,000

25 October 2017
RETIRED COUPLE: min. 10Ac for 2 horses + neat home 15min to Kempsey $480,000
UNDER 30MINS TO KEMPSEY: lifestyle farm, very neat home/prefer brick under $500,000
HORSE PROPERTY: 70+Ac, 3+BR home, cleared & uncleared $400,000
LIFESTYLE FARMS: too many buyers to list under $450,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 3+BR, walk to town $500,000
RESI: Neat & tidy, close to town $225,000
LOWER MACLEAY: home with good cattle acres $750,000
ACRES: modern home, 1-5Ac, east side of hwy $550,000

17 October 2017
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: young family prefer older-style beach house $450,000
UNIT/VILLA: 72yo lady, flood-free $230,000.
ULTIMATE PRIVACY: rural home with no neighbours close $650,000
RURAL BUSH BLOCK: min 10Ha with 2+ BR home $330,000
SHED A MUST: 3+BR home on large block/acres $450,000
WALK TO WEST KEMPSEY: 3+BR with vehicle access to backyard $250,000
COASTAL RETREAT: easy acres 3+BR $700,000
BUSHBLOCK: 20 -100Ac within 30min. to Kempsey $200,000.

6 October 2017
WALK TO WEST KEMPSEY: 3BR vehicle access to backyard $250,000
4-6 BEDROOMS: big family of 6 need home under $350,000
SMALL ACRES ON COASTAL WATER: access for tinny, dwelling entitlement or with shed/cabin $500,000
TIDY BRICK/NO STAIRS: 2+BR with open views $380,000
COASTAL ACRES: hobby farm, vacant or with home $550,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: room for extended family $500,000
1-5 ACRES: 4+BR home $400,000
LIFESTYLE FARMS: too many to list under $450,000
‘Prices trending upwards, selling market conditions’

29 September 2017
CRESCENT HEAD: 3-4BR with en-suite $600,000
LOWER MACLEAY: good farmland, house, 50-100Ac $650,000
CRESCENT HEAD ACRES: Big modern home on acres $680,000
TWO HOMES/BIG HOME ON ACRES: several buyers – big families seeking to live together $550,000
LIFESTYLE FARM: 25-100Ac for cattle, 3+BR home, shedding any area $500,000
RESI HOMES UNDER $300,000: too many buyers to count!
BUSH BLOCK: 200-1000Ac with creek $500,000

22 September 2017
PRIVATE RETREAT: 3+BR, peaceful rural block $465,000
RIVER DREAM LIFE: Young family, 4BR + fresh or tidal river $1M
HOBBY FARMS: Loads looking for the ideal one $450,000.
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 3+BR home $450,000
FAMILY HOME: 4BR home & land for young family $400,000
NEW BUILD: must be under 5yr, stunning home with big rural/mountain views $550,000
WALK TO WEST KEMPSEY:  3BR vehicle access to backyard $250,000
FEDERATION HOME KEMPSEY: renovated or not, must have character $450,000

14 September 2017
1st HOME: 3+BR with big yard for toddlers $260,000
THE DREAM RETIREMENT FARM: 3+BR 30Ac+ quiet location 20min to beach $750,000
ULTIMATE PRIVACY: rural home with no neighbours close $650,000
TRUCK ACCESS: Large modern house 3+Ac $600,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: room for extended family $600,000
WATER FRONT RETREAT: 3+BR on a few acres $450,000
OUTSKIRTS OF TOWN: character/federation style home 3+BR  $430,000
RESI LAND WITH MOUNTAIN VIEWS: Sydney retiree wants to build/must have big views $250,000.

7 September 2017
PRIVACY: 5 Acres+ with nice home close to town $400,000
RURAL: Cash buyer 20 Acres+ $500,000
HOBBY FARMS: Loads looking for that perfect farm $450,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: Large home with views $600,000
CRESCENT HEAD: Level, low maintenance home/lawns min 2BR/2Garage $600,000
COASTAL ACRES: 3BR+ home $550,000
PRIVATE RURAL: 10 Acres+ 3BR, 20mins to town $450,000
20 COWS: 100 Acres+ with shed/shack 30 mins to town $350,000
BASS FISHERMAN: Single man seeks neat home on river/creek for fishing $500,000
RURAL BUSH BLOCK: min 10Ha with 2BR+ home $330,000
RESI: 3BR+ brick & tile $300,000

1 September 2017
RIVERFRONT: Acres & privacy 2BR+ $550,000
EAST KEMPSEY: 2 buyers 3BR+ $330,000
LARGE RURAL: prefer more acres than quality of house $750,000
NICE TIDY BRICK/NO STAIRS: pretty block/views, 3BR, $380,000
RURAL RETREAT: 70yr old couple nice suitable home total privacy 15mins to town $650,000
FEW ACRES: 3BR+ home on small acres $360,000
HOBBY FARMS: loads looking for the right one!  $450,000
DUAL LIVING: multiple families looking for that extra space/two homes $450,000