3 August 2018
SINGLE LADY: 2-3BR, brick, level, no stairs $300,000
GRAZING FARM: 3+BR, 25+Ac, good soil $530,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 2BR, 2BATH, side access for caravan $550,000
TELEGRAPH POINT: 3+BR, resi block $400,000
CASH BUYER: 30+Ac, 3+BR, sheds, 30mins to Kempsey $600,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 3-4BR, ocean views $800,000
HOBBY FARMS: too many to list $350,000-$650,000

27 July 2018
RURAL: 50-100Ac, hobby farm, 15mins to town $600,000
SMALL ACRES: 1-4Ac, 3BR, 2 BATH, Shed $480,000
CATTLE: 100-200Ac, 100 breeders $800,000
RIVER/CREEK: 50+Ac, 2+BR, permanent water a must $450,000
HOBBY FARMS: Multiple buyers, 2+BR, 50-100Ac, $400,000-$500,000
SMALL HOME/VILLA: 2BR + low maintenance for single old lady $220,000.
CRESCENT HEAD: 3+BR, close to shops $500,000
KUNDABUNG: 5BR+ large family home on acres $800,000

20 July 2018
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 2-3BR home, not too suburban feel $520,000
RURAL: 50+Ac, 2+BR, permanent water $450,000
KUNDABUNG: Hobby farm, modern 4+BR, 20-100Ac, easy access to hwy $750,000
SMALL ACRES: 1-4AC, 3BR, 2BATH, shed $450,000
BIG BUSH BLOCK: 200-1000Ac under $500,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 3BR, level block $600,000

13 July 2018
ALDAVILLA: large family home, 2+Ac $450,000
CASH BUYER: 30+Ac, 3+BR, dams, sheds, 30mins to Kempsey $600,000
WEEKENDER: Private rural acres + creek $300,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 3-4BR, ocean views preferred $800,000
RIVERFRONT: 60+Ac, quality growing soil, 20mins to Kempsey $600,000
KUNDABUNG: 3BR on any size block + shed $420,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 3BR, 2BATH, side access for high caravan $550,000

06 July 2018
EUNGAI CREEK/RAIL RURAL: 10-25Ac, 3+BR, dam, shed $540,000
RURAL: 3+BR, Creek/Riverfront, 50+Ac $550,000
GLADSTONE: 3BR, low set/minimal stairs $400,000
COMMERCIAL GROWERS: 60-100Ac, flat level good quality soil with/without house $600,000
EAST SIDE OF HIGHWAY: 5+Ac, dam or creek front, 3BR $800,000
HOBBY FARMS: too many buyers to list $350,000-$650,000

29 June 2018
SMALL ACRES:1-4Ac, 3BR, 2BATH, shed $480,000
EAST/FREDO: 4BR, 2BATH big block $350,000
CATTLE: 20-50Ac for cattle, 3-4BR, 15mins to Kempsey $550,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 3-4BR older style home preferred, $450,000
RURAL BLOCKS: 5 -25Ac under 15min to Kempsey $250,000.
BIG BUSH BLOCK: 200 -1000Ac under $500,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 3BR, level block $600,000

22 June 2018
MUST HAVE A POOL: Small acres, dual occupancy preferred, 15mins to Kempsey $650,000
LARGE FAMILY HOME: 1-5Ac, 4+BR, Aldavilla area $450,000
GRAZING FARM: 3+BR, 25+Ac good soil $530,000
HOBBY FARMS: Multiple buyers  2+BR, 50-100Ac, $400,000-$480,000
FIXER UPPERS: Multiple buyers missed 60 Bloomfield Street, 3+BR $250,000
EAST SIDE OF HIGHWAY: 2-4Ac, modern style home, 3+BR, 2BATH, $450,000
CRESCENT HEAD AREA: private rural retreat with/without house $750,000

15 June 2018
RURAL: 50+Ac, 2+BR, permanent water a must $450,000
KUNDABUNG: 2BR+ on any size block $420,000
RESI: multiple buyers looking for renovator delights $200,000-$250,000
RURAL: 100+Ac, 2+BR, ideal for ponies $475,000
GLADSTONE: 3BR, low set/minimal stairs, $400,000
RURAL BLOCK: 5-25Ac, 15mins to Kempsey, $280,000
RIVERFRONT ACREAGE RETREAT: 20-100Ac, 3BR+ with views and access $600,000

8 June 2018
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 2-3BR villa, walk to shops $380,000
FREDERICKTON: 3-4BR on big block $320,000
ALDAVILLA: 3-4BR, 1-3Ac, level land $430,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 20+Ac, river/creek frontage $500,000
CATTLE BLOCKS: inland graziers on the hunt 80+ capacity. $500,000
RIVERFRONT RURAL: 2+BR, 20 mins to town $500,000
KEMPSEY: 3BR brick home, 2 garages, big block for dogs $350,000

1 June 2018
SMALL ACRES:  3-4BR, 15mins to town, multiple buyers $400,000
RURAL: 10+Ac, land for horses, 20 mins to town, 2 homes or sheds preferred $370,000
FREDO/GLADSTONE: 3BR, no major work needed $300,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 3-4BR, level block, $500,000
RIVERFRONT: 10+Ac, saltwater/tidal $500,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 3-4BR, ocean views preferred, $800,000

25 May 2018
HOBBY FARMS: too many to list looking for the right one $350,000-$650,000
ALDAVILLA: 3-4BR, 1-3Ac, level land preferred $430,000
RESI:  3+BR, West Kempsey/Fredo, 2BATH a bonus $250,000
MARIA RIVER/KUNDABUNG: river/creek frontage with/without house $500,000
MOONEBA/TURNERS FLAT/TEMAGOG: local family want riverfront 3BR $600,000
ARAKOON: multiple buyers, 3+BR, views a must $900,000
GLADSTONE: resi, 3+BR, easy maintenance $350,000

18 May 2018
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 2-3BR home, not too suburban feel $520,000
RURAL LAND: 10-100Ac, 20mins to town $250,000 with shed $300,000
CRESCENT HEAD: international buyer here June, ocean views a must, home up to $2M.
CREEK FRONTAGE: 80-100Ac, creek frontage a must, partial cleared land $350,000
SIDE ACCESS: 3 couples looking for resi homes with space for caravan, 3BR $260,000-$330,000
FAMILY FARM: 50-100Ac, 3+BR, 2+BATH, tar road preferred $550,000
CLOSE TO TOWN: 1-3Ac, 3BR close to town $370,000

11 May 2018
RURAL: cropping land with large irrigation licence a must, 3+BR $2M
IRRIGATION LICENCES: big or small please call.
CATTLE PROPERTIES: 40-200Ac homes preferred $450,000 – $1.5M
CRESCENT HEAD: 3+BR, level block, walk to shops/beach $600,000
COASTAL:  Small acres, 3+BR, $600,000
RENOVATOR with CHARACTER: prefer East or West $250,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS:  3BR, older style beach house, $450,000
LAND: East side of highway preferred, 20+Ac $250,000
FAMILY FARM: 10-50Ac, 4BR, 2BATH Sherwood, Turner’s Flat $600,000

4 May 2018
SMITHTOWN/GLADSTONE: Large block/small acres, 4BR, level fenced block $420,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 2-3BR home, not too suburban feel $520,000.
CRESCENT HEAD LAND: Resi/rural acres, $300,000
MOONEBA/TURNERS FLAT/TEMAGOG: local family want riverfront 3BR $600,000
RESI:  1000sqm+, 3BR, Workshop/shed $350,000
ACCESS FOR 3M HIGH MOTORHOME: prefer brick/very neat home 3BR+ $400,000.
CATTLE/MOTORBIKES: 200Ac+, Upper Macleay, good land to run min 100 breeders + bush country $1M
HOBBY FARMS: too many to list looking for the right one $350,000-$650,000

27 April 2018
RURAL/RESI ACRES: 3+BR, tar road preferred $400,000
RURAL LAND: 10-100Ac, 20mins to town $250,000 with shed $300,000
WEEKENDER: Private rural acres with creek $300,000
KUNDABUNG HOBBY FARM: Modern 4+BR, 2BATH, 20-100Ac, level land, easy access to hwy $750,000
GLADSTONE/SMITHTOWN: 3BR, large block/small acres $420,000
RURAL: 3+BR, 2+BATH, 20mins to town, 100-120Ac $550,000
LAND: 1-5Ac, 10mins to town, with/without shed $250,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 4BR + pool with space for boat $600,000

20 April 2018
RIVERFRONT:  10-50Ac, 4BR modern home, 20 mins to town  $700,000
RURAL:  50-100Ac, 3+BR, sheds, water a must $500,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 4BR, ocean views, $800,000
YOUNG FAMILY HOME: 4BR, level block under $400,000
CHARACTER HOME: 3BR, access to backyard, under 1000sqm $380,000
CATTLE: Buyers seeking productive blocks with or without house $500,000
EUNGAI TO TAYLORS ARM: 100Ac + 3BR home $550,000

13 April 2018
CREEK FRONTAGE: 100Ac, creek preferred, 45mins to town $300,000
LAND: 10-50Ac, river or creek frontage, quality land, 20 mins to town $350,000
RURAL:  40-60Ac, close to highway but no highway noise, 2+BR  $500,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 2BR unit, $300,000
LOWER MACLEAY: 20-40Ac, 3+BR, creek frontage preferred $600,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 3BR, level block, $600,000
GOOD FARM: 80-100Ac, 4BR, tar road preferred $750,000
SOUTH WEST Rocks:  4BR, walk to beach $600,000

6 April 2018
COASTAL:  Small acres east side of town, 3+BR $600,000
FRESH WATER CREEK: Rural block,  cabin a bonus $400,000
CATTLE & FISHING: creek/river for fishing, 20mins to town $500,000
GREENHILL/FREDDO/ALDAVILLA:  1-5Ac, 3BR, level house and block $420,000
RESI: Investors, 2-3BR, easy care block $280,000
CLOSE TO TOWN: 1-3Ac, 3BR home to town $370,000
RURAL 10mins to town: 2-3BR, no close neighbours $400,000
CHARACTER HOME: 3-4BR, no work needed $380,000.

30 March 2018
RIVERFRONT:  20-400Ac, Prefer two homes, wants a classic Aussie feel $1M
URGENT CASH BUYER: 2Ac, Aldavilla area, 3BR, $420,000
CRESCENT HEAD:  4BR, Ocean views,   $800,000
RESI: 3BR, close to town, too many buyers to list $250,000-$300,000
HOBBY FARMS:  Huge number looking for the right one $350,000- $550,000
EUNGAI CREEK/RAIL RURAL: 6 ready buyers all missed out on 140 South Bank Rd/sold.
QUIET LOCATION: 3-4BR, large level low-care block, room for cars & caravan $420,000

23 March 2018
WEST KEMPSEY: 3BR, drive access to backyard, under 1000sqm $400,000
CRESCENT HEAD: cabin by the beach, rural privacy preferred $380,000
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: 3BR, older style beach house $450,000
CATTLE: Buyers seeking productive blocks with or without house $500,000
SMALL RURAL: close to town, 2+BR house, $400,000
CRESCENT HEAD: holiday home, 3+BR, ocean views $800,000
ACRES: 3BR, 1-3Ac, close to town $370,000
FAMILY FARM: 2-25Ac, 4BR, 2BATH in Aldavilla, Yarravel, Sherwood, Turner’s Flat $600,000
HAT HEAD: Couple seek the beach life $500,000
ALDAVILLA: 3BR, level home, small acres $400,000

16 March 2018
ALDAVILLA: Small acres, level 2-3BR house preferred $400,000
ARAKOON:  Multiple buyers, views preferred, 3BR+ $900,000
CATTLE: 15-20 head cattle, 3BR, water a plus $550,000
LAND: 1-4Ac, Yarravel/Dondingalong areas, rural views preferred $180,000
RURAL: 2-3BR, dam/views, 15mins to town $400,000
VILLA: spacious level villa for elderly couple $260,000
WEST KEMPSEY:  2-3BR, close to town $210,000

9 March 2018
‘2018 – we’ve SOLD 38 properties in  9wks’  – we need more, anywhere, from the beach to the bush! 

MODERN FARM LIVING: 3-4BR brick home, up to 40Ac, 20mins town $500,000
RIVERFRONT: House/no house on large rural acres $600,000
CRESCENT HEAD: 3+BR, walk to shops, easy care yard $500,000
LARGE YARD: Single lady, 2+BR, $300,000
ACRES: Aldavilla/Yarravel area, 3-4BR, $400,000
SMITHTOWN/GLADSTONE: 3-4 BR large block $400,000.
SOUTH WEST ROCKS: large block, shed, brick veneer home $600,000

“Best market, best sales, best prices”

2 March 2018
FOR HORSES: 10-30Ac set up for horses, 3+BR, 20mins to town $400,000
RIVERFRONT: several buyers waiting for Upper & Lower Macleay water front properties $500,000 -$1.5M
ALDAVILLA/YARRAVEL: 3+BR, 2BATH, small acres, $450,000
CATTLE: Rural land with/without house $700,000
RESI:  2+BR, walk to town, easy care $300,000
CRESCENT HEAD:  2+BR, double garage, level block $600,000
MODERN HOME:  3-4BR, 1-2Ac, 10mins to town $430,000
LEVEL BLOCK: 3+BR modern brick home, large resi block, side access $400,000

23 February 2018
ARAKOON: Small acres, 2+BR, modern  home $580,000
ARAKOON: 1Ha. Block $400,000
HORSES: quiet retreat, 2+BR, tar road preferred $350,000
INVESTMENT: 3+BR, brick & tile home, level block $450,000
B&B POTENTIAL:  Couple wanting a new lifestyle, looking for cabins/houses close to coast $1M
RIVERFRONT RURAL:  lifestyle buyers a plenty  $550,000.
COASTAL RETREAT: cabin near the sea with ultimate privacy $400,000
ONE ACRE: 2+BR, 5mins to town, $300,000

16 February 2018
RESI: 3+BR, prefer 2 bath, room for extra cars, East/Fredo $300,000
LARGE BLOCK: 3+BR, 2BATH, 1000sqm-5Ha, out of town preferred $440,000
ALDAVILLA: Multiple buyers wanting the Aldavilla area $420,000
FARM STAY: Couple looking for new venture, prefer east side of highway $550,000
RESI: 3+BR, easy care block, too many buyers to count $300,000
FREDERICKTON: Small acres, 4+BR, modern home $480,000
CATTLE: 100+Ac, land more important than house, rolling hills, water a must $800,000

9 February 2018
FAMILY FARM: 2-25Ac, 4BR, 2BATH in Aldavilla, Yarravel, Sherwood, Turners Flat  $600,000
ALDAVILLA: 3+BR, small acres, shed preferred $415,000
URGENT BUYER: Character home, close to town/prefer riverfront, 3+BR, $600,000
RESI: 2+BR, easy care on small block, close to shops $300,000
INVESTOR: 3-4BR brick/tile home under 20yrs old $450,000
SMITHTOWN: 3+BR, work or no work required $320,000
QUIET COASTAL WATER FRONT:  young family seek workable acres + 3-4BR home $700,000
LOWER MACLEAY CATTLE PROPERTIES: surplus buyers from $500,000 – $1M.
FEW ACRES UNDER 10MIN TO BEACH: with home or just a shack/shed $600,000.