Market Appraisal

So you want to sell your home. We could tell you how great we are at selling homes on this web page (just like every other agent). But it is not likely to convince you of how really good we are. Why should it? It takes more than a few carefully crafted words to make a savvy seller decide on an agent.

In selecting the best agent to sell your home ask yourself, will I select….;

  • the agent who waxes lyrical about my wonderful home and agrees with me on everything?
  • the agent I went to school with/play cricket with/ etc and has a nice smile?
  • the agent who will let me sit on the market for years before I actually decide to accept an offer (actually, I am not really that keen to move…)?
  • the agent who gives me the highest appraisal value?
  • the agent who gives me the most accurate appraisal value – the truth (even if it hurts)?
  • the agent who gives me the vaguest marketing strategy and lowest commission rate (and possibly the lowest result)?
  • the agent who can sell it the fastest and get me to where I want to go?
  • the agent with a thorough/proven marketing strategy that gets solid results?

Now you have pondered on those, here are some hard hitting questions to ask your prospective agent. These are important – use the answers to compare between agents.

WARNING: The skills and qualifications of agents differ greatly. It is not enough for an agent to simply hold a Real Estate Certificate. These can be acquired after a few days of training and deal only with legal obligations. They do not cover negotiating, marketing or even the art of selling! Be rigorous in selecting your agent.

  • What are the quality of you images like – photos are really more like first inspections. Show me recent samples?
  • What training have you undertaken over the years, including this year? Demonstrate your ongoing commitment to being an expert at selling my property.
  • What qualifications do you hold in marketing to ensure the success of my sale? A degree? A diploma? A Weeties packet freebie?
  • Where does your agency rank amongst your competitors? First, second, do you even know (are you willing to say)?
  • How many listings do you have (as an individual, not how many your office has)? This is a strong measure of results, and the degree of trust sellers have in the agent.
  • What is the average sale time (days on market) of your homes?
  • What percentage of your listings sold last year ?
  • What was the average percentage change between the original listing price and the final sale price? The lower the percentage the more accurate and honest the original appraisal value.
  • Do you understand and fully utilise the internet (the vast majority of enquiries these days are from the web)? Can you even send your own emails?
  • Do you have a successful social media strategy to increase enquiries on my property?

Remember, you are interviewing the agent for a job. A big and important job Don’t hesitate to give them a good grilling. Smiles alone don’t sell houses.

If you would like our answers to these questions call ONEAGENCY Kelly Flanagan real estate Kempsey on 6562 3600 and we will send them to you.

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