Amie Jensen

Sales Assistant

A little about me

Amie Jensen – Sales Secretary, Certified Real Estate Agent.

Amie joined the team in August 2012.  A born and bred Macleay Valley girl who returned home after spreading her wings in Sydney, post High School.  While in Sydney for 5 years, Amie worked as a legal secretary for two of the top tier law firms.

When our business grew, and we required a receptionist/sales assistant, a referral from a good friend found Amie.  She made her way around the office, the computers and the business systems like a pro and in no time at all ended up being the Office Manager for over 3 years – she is the wiz kid that can do anything –  she’s even sold a house or two (so she’d love to tell you!).

As the business grew more, Amie specialised as Kelly’s Sales Secretary providing a top line service to our buyers and sellers to help their transactions roll along smoothly and seamlessly amid the often stressful and complex legal and banking process of buying a home.

INTERESTING POINTS: moving to Sydney was really to be closer to rugby league games (Amie is a crazy mad Bunnies supporter who once turned our front window red and green – once!).  She recently married the love of her life, James, they spend weekends on their mountain farm at Cangai. They share 3 puppies, 2 of which have normal names, we won’t mention the other.  Amie can chop down a tree with a chainsaw and yet still bake an amazing cake, favourite swimming spot is Hat Head (rightly so) but loves the Trial Bay Kiosk for lunch.  Amie loves port, rum and chocolate.


02 6562 3600


42 Elbow Street, Kempsey, NSW 2440